Finished Quilt Project

This post got delayed by the art exhibit my painting was featured in… In August, my friend Kelsey and I finished a baby quilt for Mary, our Free Arts NYC co-worker who was expecting a baby girl. Finally, on Oct. 1st she had the baby! Congratulations on your new bundle of joy, Mary – we hope you get a lot of use out the quilt.

This is the finished quilt we made (click to enlarge):


Kelsey was really the brains behind this operation – she had a great idea to make this special gift, and she has experience making quilts. I learned a lot from her!


Kelsey at the sewing machine

It turns out quilting is like stained glass, which I have experience in, when it comes to cutting the pieces. It’s like mosaics in that you’re combining a lot of different pieces together but it’s less haphazard and more methodical. It was good there were two of us to double check our math!


The pieces before they’re sewn together

We knew that the baby’s room was going to be designed around a tree house theme, so we went with different shades of green fabric. Then, each person on staff at Free Arts NYC decorated a quilt square – they’re all beautiful!


All of the finished squares, sewn together and held to the batting by safety pins

The Baby Beluga one was my square – I loved that book and song as a child! (And still do)


In my opinion, the hardest part of this was project was the actual “quilting” – the decorative designs that are sewn on top of the entire quilt to hold it together. Kelsey had just taught me how to sew straight lines on the sewing machine (quite the accomplishment) and then she decided to change the “foot” to do a “free-motion” design. It sounded really neat because it would basically be drawing with thread using the machine. However, it was a whole lot harder than it sounded and would have taken tons of practice. She had some very awesome, detailed ideas, but in the end, I’m glad we stuck to something simple and kept the straight lines, adding them in on diagonals. It provides a constant since all of the squares look different.


My turn on the machine

I love how Kelsey and I are both appropriately wearing green in these two pictures. Definitely not planned!


The border that I “quilted”

All in all, a great learning experience, and an even better gift.