This site began as an excuse for me to work with some new development tools, but the idea grew on me when I had to move after college to a new area and had no easy way to find a new club. USRowing provides a large database of affiliated clubs, but no way to determine where the clubs actually are if you don't already know the region's towns. I was moving for a new job and only knew the name of the town my company was in. Currently the site is only representing clubs registered with USRowing on their website. I plan to open it up to any club who is interested in being included in the project. Please use the contact form on the resources page to let me know if any data needs to be updated, I can't do this without you! I especially need street address information for almost all of the clubs! I hope this is a helpful tool for all of you!


3/XX/13 - The site is up! Working to fix any bugs and start implementing more functionality soon!

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