Brown Bag Lunches

Group Objective:

To serve Bagged Lunches to the hungry at Second Baptist Church, 93 Liberty Street, Long Branch, NJ 07740, 732-229-2035.

Contact Persons:
  • Lynn Olsen
  • Norma Beaty
Phone Number:

Lynn Olsen- 732-544-1478 and Norma Beaty- 732-306-0764

Email Address:

Lynn Olsen- and Norma Beaty-

Date/Time of Meeting:

We put together 65 brown bagged lunches the second Wednesday of the month at SecondBaptistChurch in Long Branch.

Special Events:

Handing out the bagged lunches is done after a prayer by a deacon or pastor of Second Baptist.

Any Additional Information:

Each bagged lunch contains a homemade sandwich, homemade dessert like cookies, a piece of fruit, a beverage and a napkin. Reformation supplies everything except the brown bag and beverage. If you would like to help by making some of the sandwiches, cookies, or donating fruit or napkins or by helping fill the brown bags at SecondBaptistChurch we would love to have you participate. Bagging the lunches takes about 30 to 45 minutes of your time on a Wednesday morning. No one makes all 65 sandwiches, bagged desserts or donates all the fruit. We would love to have you join us in any of the areas of your interest.

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