Servant Trips

Through Lutheran Disaster Response, Reformation sent 10 members of our congregation along with members of other area congregations to the Gulf Coast in 2006, 2007, and 2008 to provide the people of Louisiana with comfort and lots of extra hands to get the job done of rebuilding the area following the Katrina Hurricane. They all came back with a new appreciation of the devastation and what it would take to rebuild the area. They tore down and rebuilt houses, met people suffering untold illnesses and emotional devastation, yet came back renewed and refreshed in the power of the Holy Spirit believing they had done what they were commanded by God "Comfort God's people".

Through the NJ Synod, ELCA there are opportunities for servant trips to Bosnia and to the Gulf Coast for senior high students and their sponsors. Please visit for more information on current available servant trips

Through the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America there are opportunities to serve locally, nationally, or around the world. Please visit their website at to learn more on how you can "Comfort God's people"

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