Pastoral Statement on Sacramental Practice

All people are welcome to gather with us for our services of Word and Sacrament wherein the Word of God is read and proclaimed, and the Sacraments of Holy Communion and Holy Baptism are offered.

Many faith traditions, for the sake of good order, and because they understand the Sacraments to be the activity of God for a particular purpose in the life of a particular group or person, restrict or limit participation in the Sacraments.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), document entitled "The Use of the Means of Grace: A Statement on the Practice of Word and Sacrament" recommends sacramental practices for ELCA congregations. Seeking to be faithful to the open nature of the Gospel, and also to this document that is for guidance and practice, our current practice at The Lutheran Church of the Reformation is:

  • All people are welcome to join in worship.
  • All who seek baptism, and intend to fulfill the promises of their baptismal covenant, will be baptized. Those who have no intention of participating in the life of this or any other Christian congregation will not be baptized. In baptism there are promises made by the baptized, as well as by the congregation, that cannot be kept if the one baptized is not a member of a Christian community.
  • All who are baptized are welcome to receive Holy Communion regardless of age. Ongoing, lifelong, Christian education, including education about the Word and the Sacraments, is encouraged for all. The decision of when to commune for the first time is to be made jointly by the first communicant, the parent/guardian, and the pastor.
  • Any who worship with us, but choose not to receive holy communion, are welcome to come forward for a pastoral blessing
  • We commune in both kinds—bread and wine. We acknowledge that for various reasons some are not able to receive either wheat bread or wine, therefore, prefilled glasses of grape juice and gluten-free wafers are made available.
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Created and Edited by Bob Appleton